Center for Children & Young Adults Community Partnership

The AIM Board is excited to announce a new partnership with CCYA. Through this partnership, the Atlanta Insurance Ministries Board will co-sponsor and co-organize service events with CCYA on a regular basis, geared toward serving the youth that call CCYA home.


Past Events

AIM Dodgeball Tournament
Heritage Prep School
May 9, 2019


Why the Partnership with CCYA?

For nearly 10 years, Atlanta Insurance Ministries has spread the grace and love of the Gospel through its annual prayer breakfasts and fall events. In 2018, the Atlanta Insurance Ministries Board felt called to provide members of the insurance community an opportunity to live out their faith through action in the form of structured community service events.

For over 30 years, CCYA has housed, fed, clothed and developed homeless and maltreated youth in the Atlanta Metro Area. The organization has a three-building campus in southwest Marietta that offers three residential programs in a dormitory setting for up to 39 youth at one time in need of shelter, treatment, care and guidanceAdditional information about CCYA can be found on their website:

The Board selected CCYA as a partner for a number of reasons, chief among them being the fact that CCYA has a proven track record in helping local Atlanta youth in an efficient, well-organized, yet flexible manner.

If you have any questions about this event, or suggestions for future events, please reach out to Adam Lewis at

We look forward to serving with you soon!