Helpful Links

  1. Check out   This is a comprehensive web site that has answers to thousands of questions from inquiring minds. It even has the option to ask a personal and very individualized question and you’ll receive an e mail response within 5 days.  It is the best we have found. 
  2. IN TOUCH magazine. This is a free monthly magazine with very short stories and a daily devotional. It is primarily the work of Dr Charles Stanley, the President of IN TOUCH Ministries, here in Atlanta. Check out
  3. Check out This web site is authored by Michael Belk, an accomplished fashion photographer who felt called to use his talents to create stunning pictures of Jesus in contemporary settings.  The pictures are called “Journey’s with the Messiah” and attempt to impress upon us the modern day relevance of the ancient story of Jesus’ life and death. 
  4. There is an organization in Kentucky called Answers in Genesis ( that provides very detailed facts and arguments for anyone interested in defending the Christian faith from critics who reject the bible’s story of creation.  It is a non-profit organization that has a comprehensive web site for anyone seeking information on the debates between evolution and creation.  
  5. Check out  This is a web site that allows you to down load an on-line version of the bible and includes links to various topics and questions regarding bible passages.  The on-line version of the bible also includes a commentary which allows someone to dig deeper into the meaning of biblical passages and principles. 
  6. Bible Sprout’s mission is to educate young Christians with access to the top biblical resources (translations, commentaries, dictionaries) on the web. They’ve compiled hundreds of bible questions and answers to help young Christians strengthen their faith to become tomorrow’s leaders for Christ.  
  7. Andy Stanley of North Point Ministries in Alpharetta has a web site that includes most of his prior messages for only a $1.00 download fee.  The web site is  Also, in the book store of his non-denominational church, there are a number of resources aimed at “seekers” who are interested in exploring the Christian faith more thoroughly. 
  8. Marketplace Leaders,, exists to help people discover and fulfill God’s unique purposes through their workplace calling; emphasizing that our work is our ministry.  They do this by offering free daily devotionals, writing and speaking seminars by their founder Os Hillman and other wonderful resources on their web site and in their book store. 
Of course, there are many other fine organizations, churches, pastors and ministries that would be most helpful to anyone exploring a relationship with God or looking to deepen an existing faith.  These are just a sample of those that we have greatly benefited from.