Who We Are

Our Vision

To lead a growing number of people to the Grace and Love of God & the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

We are passionate about sharing our faith and the love of Christ with others in the Insurance Community. We do this by sponsoring an annual Prayer Breakfast as well as smaller group events and programs throughout the year. These gatherings allow people the opportunity to hear the Gospel through personal testimonies and through opportunities to explore the Bible more deeply and how it relates to their work, family and life.

Our Heart

We seek to engage people in a loving and gracious way, so as to encourage them to take a step toward God. We honor God and follow His wisdom in all that we do. We are committed to prayer and to trusting Him to provide for us in order to meet the needs of the Insurance Community of Atlanta. We desire to invest in the lives of our associates in many small ways every day, so that the love and grace of Christ can touch them in a real and practical way.